Obstacles abounding

Yoga holds the promise that if I practice I can get in a yogic state where I am undisturbed by duality — good/bad, pleasure/pain, high/low.

It doesn’t tell me that I have to be undisturbed to start practicing. And that’s a good thing.

Because I am disturbed.

I’m disturbed by a nagging cold that keeps hanging on, a “check engine” light on the dash, itchy clothes, dog poop in the yard.

I’m troubled by the directions on the cough syrup to “take 20ml 4 times daily.” Just how many spoonfuls in 20ml? And I’m troubled by the plastic packaging on the cough syrup that won’t come off unless I use my teeth to cut through it.

I’m irritated by road construction, and customer service hold times, and that every time I open my hatchback my hand turns black.

And, sometimes I’m pissed off. But that’s another story for another day.

I’m the least likely person to attend a bootcamp of any sort. And definitely the last person who would teach a bootcamp.

But with all the obstacles that keep me disturbed, nagged, itchy, troubled, dirty-handed and pissed off, I figure I need to try something.

The early morning hour has its challenges, but that time of day eliminates all my excuses about conflicting meetings, doctor’s appointment, etc. So here we go……

Facing obstacles. Getting it going.

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