January 2018

Foundations of Yoga: A 5-week Course

Foundations of Yoga: A 5-Week Course

This Course is designed specifically for beginners.

The series is progressive, building on skills week-to-week as the student develops strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and confidence.

Classes will emphasize postural alignment and precision in the basic standing and seated poses and end with final relaxation. Shoulderstand will be introduced.

Students will build a solid foundation needed to progress to other classes at Evergreen Yoga. Mats and props are provided. Those with previous yoga experience wishing to refine their understanding of the fundamentals are welcome.

Tuesday evenings, 5:45 – 6:45pm
January 23 – February 20
Course Fee: $60
Teacher: Leah Nichols

Contact Leah with any questions or to register.

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