March 2016

Easter & Camo

camo.eggWe’ll be enjoying Spring — and hope you will too!

I can hardly wait to spend Sunday with a bunch of my favorite adults and two little kids.

As the CEH (chief-egg-hidder) for our family’s annual tradition, I am ratcheting up this year’s egg hunt.

What could be more fun than watching the kids scavenge for these camouflage plastic Easter eggs? (Look a little closer at photo to the right…and you’ll see how they blend in.)

These camo Easter eggs will inspire hours of family fun at our house!

Can’t you just see adorable smarty-pants tykes and tots beating the bushes (& shrubs, trees, grass, stones) in search of their loot?

I say make them work for their jelly beans!

I haven’t been completely lost to the dark side. There will be a list of where each egg is hidden to make sure no candy will be lost to the elements.

And…of course there will be glittery pink plastic eggs aplenty for those hungry little hands to crack open. We can’t have the wee ones wailing and weeping on Easter!

It must be known that there will be no quick candy fixes around here. Scavenging the yard in the quest for little chocolate bunnies is a rite of passage for all girls and boys.

After each basket is ravaged and examined for the tiniest of eggs, I’ll carry them up to the attic and bring them down again next year — that is, if I can find them.