November 2014

Pose for legs & lower back

Supta Padangusthasana 1: Reclining Big Toe Pose

This variation is helpful for those with tightness in the legs and/or lower back. If you lie down and you are unable to extend your legs up perpendicular to the floor, this is a great way to build your flexibility over time.

suptapad1Lie down near a wall. Move your buttocks just far enough away from the wall so that there is room for your floor-leg foot on the floor. (Here the right foot is on the floor)

Place your other foot on the wall, keeping your leg straight. (Here the left leg is up).

Press your left thigh toward the wall to straighten your leg.

As you press your left thigh toward the wall to straighten your leg, lift your chest and relax through your abdomen.  Stay for 90-seconds to 3 minutes.




After you’ve done both sides, as above:

Place a strap around the ball mound of your left foot.

Keep your left leg straight as you move your foot an inch or two away from the wall.

Press your knee cap into the joint to firm/stabilize the muscles around your knee.

Keep your shoulders down and relaxed.



suptapad3Here is a picture of what NOT TO DO in this pose:

Do not practice this pose with your lifted leg bent! You will turn gray and all the color will be removed from your home decor.

Seriously, when you bend your leg you contract the back-of-leg muscles. When those muscles are contracted they will not stretch.

Keep your leg completely straight. Do this pose every day & see what happens!