January 2013

I have a…

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the defining speech of his life with the words “I have a dream.”

These 4 words evoke the sense of his vision even now, many years after his death.


King spoke of his dream of freedom, of all men created equal.

“I say to you today, my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.”


What would happen if I let my dream of what could be be my guiding star?

What if “I have a dream” could become the repetitive sound in my head?


So often I hear my voice saying, “I have a problem.” What if Dr. King had viewed things my way?

Doesn’t quite have same ring to it as “I have a dream.”


For today, I will look toward the dream of what could be.  And I will do what I can to make it so.

For continuing students


Beginning again

In her pranayama class last night Tedrah showed us a pose to do if we don’t feel like practicing.

She said if you’re tired or
lethargic, don’t skip your practice.  Instead, spend a few minutes in Supta Sukhasana with your back supported by a bolster (with legs support if hips feel strained).

See how you feel. You may feel like doing Adho Mukha Virasana or Dog pose.

One thing leads to another, and before you know it you have listened to your body AND complete that day’s yoga practice.

See how you might bring fresh eyes to your practice.

Begin again. Today.

Begin again. Tomorrow.

Your practice is waiting for you.