July 2011

Say YES to Madison Avenue plan

Here’s is a letter I sent to Letters To The Editor at the CA today.  I don’t know if they’ll print it, but I’m using my blog to talk about it.  Here ya go:

I am writing in support of the Madison Avenue restructuring plan.

Currently, the only thing that makes Madison Avenue interesting is its potential.  With many vacant buildings and abandoned businesses, it acts only as a way through Midtown.  Oh, but what it could be! — a neighborhood main street for pedestrians, bicyclists, and people dining outdoors and patronizing the Madison businesses.

Madison Avenue is in a prime location to become a destination.  With its proximity to Overton Park and the arts disctrict, why not make it a beautiful place in keeping with its unique location?

My husband and I live one block north of the Madison Avenue Huey’s. He has lived here for over 25 years, and I have lived here for 14 years.  I walk in the neighborhood daily and we both often walk or  ride bikes to work in Midtown.

As a Midtown small business owner (Evergreen Yoga Center), I know change can be scary.  Progress will always scare a few people.  I hope that the fears of a few folks will not delay the upgrades to Madison.

The truth is that we will all benefit from shifting Madison Avenue from a passageway thru Midtown to a destination location that will attract people from all over the Mid-south.

These changes will enrich the local businesses on the street, improve the quality of life for Midtown residents and businesses.  Ultimately, this will benefit even those who are most vocal about how they fear it will affect their own businesses– as property values in the surrounding neighborhoods are sure to increase.

Just say “Yes!” to the Madison Avenue improvements for making a useable, vibrant street for all!
Leah Bray Nichols