April 2010

Kale – easy & delicious

Easy, delicious kale

Easy, delicious kale

On my first trip to the Memphis Farmers Market, I spied the the fresh organic kale at the Whitton Farms booth and forked over a couple of bucks for a big bag.

My friend Ken, who lives in the country outside Martin, Tennessee, told me he’d pay 50 cents for such a bag at his farmer’s market.

Yeah, well….I bet it doesn’t come with a big-grinned, red-headed young farmer named Keith & his wife, Jill, who grows the most amazing flowers ever.


The Forresters & their flowers

An encounter with Keith & Jill Forrester just makes you feel good all over — this young couple who moved to Keith’s family’s farm a few years ago to see what they could grow.

If you’ve ever been to the MFM, you know who they are.  He’s uber-friendly and will tell you how to cook whatever you’re buying.  And his lovely wife works beside him arranging bouquets for each customer who wants to buy a piece of rural Arkansas beauty to take home for their table.

Soon they will open Trolley Stop Cafe & Market downtown on Madison, where thy will sell locally-produced farm fresh foodstuffs — among other things.  It’s located at 704 Madison, and over 50 local vendors are on deck to feature their products in the market.  Trolley Stop is scheduled to open in early May.

Here’s the simple recipe I used to prepare Keith’s delicious kale. And rural Arkansas has never tasted so good!