July 2009

Questions for conversation

4peoplesmalllores1This Saturday we’ll meet for our 2nd discussion about yoga and life.  After last month’s Saturday conversation, I’m eagerly awaiting being with everyone and hearing what your thinking these days.

Many of us are reading Iyengar’s book LIGHT ON LIFE.  We are using the book as a back-drop for the conversation.  But if you haven’t been reading along with us, no worries.  Come anyway!  

Here are some questions to generate conversation for those who plan to come:

*Why/how did you start practicing yoga? 
*When has your practice felt like a habit and when has it felt like an “invigorating creative practice?” (see p. 32, last paragraph)
*What comes easily to you in your asana practice?
*What challenges you?
*Have you ever experienced practicing yoga from your heart or soul?  If so, what was that like?
*If you would like to, you may read a short passages from Chapter 2 that inspires you.
Everyone welcome!  Come and participate by sharing your thoughts or by listening.
Again, no preparation required.  If you are reading the book, read Chapter 2.  But you will enjoy being there, whether you read the book or not.
If you want to eat or drink it, bring it with you.  I will bring peanut m&m’s to share.
Can’t wait to see you all!
Namaste.  Leah

The Yoga of Marriage


(photo by Jim Allen)



My husband is a numbers guy.  When he comes home from his yoga class I ask him, “How was your class?”  His answer invariably involves digits of some sort.

“Good.  There were 12 people in the class.”  Or…

“Good.  We did several standing poses.”  Or…

“Good.  I had planned on the 5:00 class, but I had 2 afternoon meetings so I went to the 6:30 class instead.”

When I return from yoga class, and he asks me the same “How was your yoga class?” question, my reply is typically quite different.  As in:

“Awesome.  Michelle was there and she was eager to show me how her forward bends are stronger and deeper.”  Or…

“Great! I’m so excited about how smoothly my standing pose sequence went.”  Or…

“I’m bummed because no matter how hard I try I seem to keep getting my right and left mixed up.” 

What does this say about us? About him? About me?

His quantitative answers say a lot about his personality.  He values having a finite answer to a question.  He likes to tell the facts and let me draw my own conclusions.  His continued use of the word “good” indicates that he tends to focus on the positive.

My answers, on the other hand, are a lot like me.  Filled with emotion and description.  I emphasize for effect and I absolutely LOVE using adjectives!  Stronger, deeper, awesome, GREAT!!!!!!!!  My answers nearly always invite response which hopefully will lead to conversation.

The truth is, we balance each other well.  Both of us are creative-types.  And we each have a strong practical side.

Through-out the years of our union,  I’ve learned a lot by being with him.  I look at the checks & balances, seek clarity, make definitive decisions and take bolder action.  I’ve gotten a little better at letting things go.  

Marriage has been good for both of us.  As for what he’s gotten from being with me, you’ll have to ask him.  You can bet his answer will go something like this:

“It’s been a good 12 years.”