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New to Yoga?
New to Yoga?
Class Schedule
Class Schedule
Workshops & Events
Workshops & Events

Yes you can!

This practice for early morning adventurers will get you moving toward increased strength & endurance
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New to Iyengar Yoga

If you are thinking about trying a class, here's what you need to know.
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For mamas to-be

Prenatal Yoga meets on Saturdays
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Men's Yoga Class

Will help you develop more movement where men tend to lack flexibility: legs, lower back, & shoulders.
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Leah's Blog

Thoughts on Iyengar Yoga, wellness, healthy living, inspirations, recipes and more.

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Welcome to EYC!

If you've been looking for a place to learn and practice yoga, this could be the place for you. Whether you are a brand-new beginner or a long-time dedicated student --  there is room for you here. You will find us to be an inclusive, friendly and sociable community -- where all are welcome.

In addition to yoga classes, our studio provides space to other groups who share our values -- including Wayne Knerr's Healing Arts Practice, Daniel Lamontagne's Meditation Classes and more.

Located in Midtown's Evergreen Historic neighborhood -- close to downtown and easily accessible from the surrounding areas.

A few of our students wanted to tell you about their experiences with yoga. To see photos & read more about our students, click here.testimonials-home

We recommend:

Whippet Creative: the best web designers & technical whizzes in the whole wide world:

There are artists, and then there are artists.  

You know, the kind that take what you ask for and breathe even more soul into it!

Our friends at Whippet Creative took our requests and turned them into something beautiful, engaging, and just us. They possess the rare gift of online artistry -- and that’s just the work they do.

Then there's the people behind the company, who are kind and attentive and who listen every bit as well as they create. They understood what we needed, even when we weren't sure exactly how to describe it with words.

Brilliant. Perfect. Thank you!

Check out their work here.

We want to share our positive experiences with you with info on books & websites you might find useful.
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Our center's director, Leah Bray Nichols, opened EYC in 2006 because she wanted to teach yoga in an authentic and clear way.
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We are located at 1541 Overton Park Avenue in the historic Evergreen neighborhood in Midtown Memphis.

1541 Overton Park Avenue map
Memphis, TN 38112
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